About us

The Museum of the Image is a cultural project whose purpose is to spread knowledge and promote interest in photography and video.

In an era in which anyone has, at any time and place, a device capable of capturing photography and video, we want to promote sensitivity and interest in images, as a means of recording the surrounding reality and expressing emotions and ideas.

This Museum has been built for the delight of amateurs and professionals, and of anyone willing to enjoy an image or an object that is part of the history of mankind.

Through this virtual museum we intend to share information and images of a series of equipment and objects that are part of the history of photography and video. They are very few considering the number of objects that have been produced over many decades. However, we are growing with our own effort and with the contribution of friends and other people who value this project.

There are many ways to contribute:

  • Following us and sharing our content on Social Networks
  • Inviting other people to meet and visit us
  • Sending information that complements the reviews of the exhibited objects
  • Giving ideas and suggestions to help improve this website
  • Sending your own photographs of objects that can be exhibited
  • Suggesting interesting events that can be reviewed
  • Donating objects that can be included in the museum's collection
  • Donating resources that allow this project to grow

Contact Us

Send us your comments, suggestions, concerns or questions through the following form.

Our visitors

This museum is a project to share our interest and taste for photography and video, from its origins to the present.

We try to grow to the best of our ability and we welcome the advice and suggestions of our visitors , in the same way that we try to resolve your concerns.


In the Museum section, we display a series of objects from different periods with brief reviews and specifications. The objects are grouped into four sections: Photo cameras , Film and video cameras , Projectors , Accessories and others .


In our galleries, we hold frequent exhibitions by amateur and professional photographers seeking to encourage our visitors to undertake the process of creating images as a means of expressing ideas and emotions..

Reviews and Events

We present brief reviews of books, brands, organizations, websites, projects, etc. related to photography and video, in order to highlight and recognize them. Likewise, we reference exhibitions, contests and all kinds of events that may be of interest to our visitors.


We have started the publication of a series of resources, tutorials, infographics, simulators, manuals, etc. that can help to understand technical and creative aspects, related to the creation of still and moving images.