Photography and video

About us

The Museum of the Image is a cultural project whose purpose is to spread knowledge and promote interest in photography and video.

In an era in which anyone has, at any time and place, a device capable of capturing photography and video, we want to promote sensitivity and interest in images, as a means of recording the surrounding reality and expressing emotions and ideas.

This Museum has been built for the delight of amateurs and professionals, and of anyone willing to enjoy an image or an object that is part of the history of mankind.

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Recent acquisitions

Argus - A2B

Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This camera is similar to the Argus A, but additionally incorporates an extinction meter and an exposure calculator. The lens has a bayonet locking mech...

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Johnson OK-33

Shortly after the invention of Betamax and VHS, the idea spread that the advance and recession of the tapes produced a wear on the reading heads and the mechanism of twist and roll....

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