Rolleiflex Automat 6x6 - Model K4B

Photography camera
análoga de formato medio

  • Brand: Rolleiflex
  • Manufacturer: Rollei GmbH
  • Country: Germany (Braunschweig)
  • Release year: 1954
  • Discontinued:
  • Starting price:
  • Designer: Reinhold Heidecke

Rolleiflex is an icon in the history of photography and is identified with the TLR cameras, that is, the so-called Double Objective SLR Cameras. Being the favorite tool of some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century.

This is a camera manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany by a company formed by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke.

This camera is part of the Rolleiflex Automat series that was manufactured between 1937-1956. The name of Automat refers to an automatic counter of the film, which has the ability to accurately detect the progress of the film. The camera has the possibility of using a roll of film 120 or a film of 35 mm if a Rolleikin 2 adapter is used.


  • Film: 6x6: B II 8 (120) / 35 mm (with Rolleikin 2 adapter)
  • Lens: Zeiss Jena Tessar 3.5 / 75
      Zeiss Oberkochen Opton 3,5 / 75
      Schneider Xenar 3.5 / 75
  • Shutter: Compur - Rapid, 1 - 1/500 sec., T & amp; B, self timer. M X sync.
  • Image: 6 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 965 grams


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