Argus - A2B

Photography camera

  • Brand: Argus
  • Manufacturer: International Research Corporation
  • Country: United States of America (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  • Release year: 1939
  • Discontinued:
  • Starting price: US$ 12.50
  • Designer: Gustave Fassin

Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This camera is similar to the Argus A, but additionally incorporates an extinction meter and an exposure calculator. The lens has a bayonet locking mechanism.

The extinction meter built into this camera allowed taking good pictures under various lighting conditions. The camera body is made of a very resistant bakelite, while the back cover is metallic and is removable.

Some details of the manufacture of this model varied slightly after the Second World War, among them is the addition of a firing speed of 1/200 sec


  • Film: 35mm roll
  • Lens: Argus Coated 50mm Cintar f 3.5
  • Diaphragm openings: f 4.5 - 18
  • Shutter: Central
  • Speeds: 1, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/150, B
  • Image: 24 x 36 mm
  • Body material: bakelite with metal back cover


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