Share the View International Photography Competition 2020
Contest - International

It is a contest open to photographers from all over the world. Its theme is oriented to show landscapes, wildlife and nature from anywhere in the world. Includes flora and fauna photography, macro photography, aerial photography, underwater photography, urban wildlife, etc.

The purpose of this contest is to support 3 non-profit organizations: LightHawk, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and African People and Wildlife.

People over 18 years of age can participate.

The contest will award 20 cash prizes for a total value of USD $ 5,000, distributed as follows:

  • One (1) winner of the USD $ 1,000 Grand Prize
  • Four (4) first prize winners of USD $ 250
  • Five (5) winners of the second prize of USD $ 100
  • Ten (10) prizes between USD $ 250 in each of the 10 special categories.

The 20 cash prize winners and 230 of the highest scoring images will be displayed on the contest website during 2021. One will appear on the home page each day, accompanied by the photographer's name, the contact information and a link to contact information if desired.

Images are judged anonymously by judges experienced in the field of nature and wildlife photography. Scores are based on impact, originality, and photographic ability. All decisions made by the judges and contest administrators are final.

Photographers can submit as many images as they like for a price of USD $ 10 per image or 6 images for USD $ 50.

Relevant data

Dates: Desde 2020-09-15 hasta 2020-12-01
Organizer: Share the view
Country: Estados Unidos

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