VI International Biennial of Photography, Photográfica Bogotá 2015
Exhibition - International

This exhibition seeks to disseminate the most important values ​​of photography in Colombia. The work of the invited artists is exhibited in public spaces such as bus stops, billboards in Transmilenio and billboards of the city of Bogotá.

This year the Biennial celebrates 10 years and has Germany as the guest country. It will exhibit an exhibition called "Presentation | Representation" with the participation of ten artists of German contemporary photography.

It also includes a series of lectures on work and photography techniques.

Relevant data

Dates: Desde 2015-07-02 hasta 2015-08-15
Place: Auditorio Jorge Enrique Molina de la Universidad Central (Calle 22 # 5- 85)
Organizer: Fotomuseo - Museo Nacional de la Fotografía de Colombia
City: Bogotá
Country: Colombia

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