Eho Stereo Box Camera

Photography camera

  • Brand: Eho
  • Manufacturer: Emil Hofert
  • Country: Germany (Dresden)
  • Release year: 1932
  • Discontinued:
  • Starting price:
  • Designer: Emil Hofert
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This is a stereoscopic camera manufactured in Germany in 1932 by Emil Hofert.

A stereoscopic camera takes two pictures simultaneously from two different points of view (as happens with human eyes) in this way to observe then the two photographs simultaneously produces a three-dimensional image (3D) in the brain. For a better observation of the three-dimensional image a stereoscope is used (an object with two lenses, which allows to observe the two photographs pointing each eye towards each of the images).

The technique of stereoscopic photography was invented around 1850, that is, about 10 years after the invention of photography.

Emil Hofert (EHO) manufactured drawer cameras of different specifications since the beginning of the 30s in the 20th century. Hofert died in 1935 and the company passed into the hands of Berthold Altmann (an employee of the company). He changed his name to "Amca" and then in 1941 to "Altissa" ("Altissa-Camera-Werk Berthold Altmann").


  • Film: 120 (5 stereo photographs of 6 x 13 cm or 10 photographs of 6 x 6 cm pens)
  • Lens: Duplicate f11 / 80mm (2 lenses)   
  • Diaphragm openings: f 11
  • Shutter: 1/25
  • Speeds: Speed ​​1/25 sec.
  • Image: stereo 6 x 13 cm
  • Body material: Metal
  • Weight:


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